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Chatito a place where we are all we are connected in a single purpose to be friends and know different customs. Creating your chat on our platform means that you will have a new door for others to know about you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need create an account ?
No.. No need to Create an account you can enter as a guest unless you want to create a chat if you must.
Can I can customize my Chat ?
Of course our platform also has nice stickers and Emoticon that you can use in your chat
Can i add my Radio Station?
Our Platform is created just for you to Add your Radio Station but if you want to delate you must be contact us ..Also you can create your own Music play list.
Can i Embed my Chat in Another Website?
Well Yes you can but there is a problem that putting it on another website does not allow login ... You have to use our platform unless you use some special code as a Popup using the link of your direct chat example
Can I add a customized page?
Yes you can create your page customized but you can not delete it by yourself and you must contact us for the elimination of your page.